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Our premium siding is 100% virgin vinyl meaning that it will never warp, crack, peel, split, dent or conduct any type of electricity. In fact, our siding uses no veneers or laminates and the foam backing (optional) provides your house with an additional layer of insulation from the elements. Merit’s siding uses 0.42 or heavier gauge vinyl and is warranted to never fade or stain, just hose off occasionally and enjoy. Limited lifetime transferable warranty.

Energy Efficient

Prodigy® Insulated Siding

  • .046" premium panel thickness (nominal)
  • Up to five times the impact resistance versus hollow back siding
  • Industry-leading 1½" thick insulation (nominal) wraps your home in a blanket of insulation to help reduce utility costs year round and provide a warm and inviting living space
  • Secure interlocking panel design provides a tight fit with no insulation gaps and clean, classic course lines
  • Prodigy's premium vinyl surface repels downpours while the insulating layer breathes freely to keep your home comfortable and inviting
  • 16'8" extended length panel design creates the look of natural wood and does not require face nailing or unsightly caulking

Charter Oak® Energy Elite

  • .046" premium panel thickness (nominal)
  • Up to five times the impact resistance of traditional siding
  • Features a precisely contoured insulating foam underlayment that helps reduce energy costs while keeping your home comfortable
  • Up to five times the impact resistance of traditional siding
  • Exclusive TriBeam® construction delivers superior rigidity, for straight and even walls
  • 500% more breathable than other insulated siding systems and will not absorb or retain moisture
  • Rolled-edge nail hem ensures superior performance in any climate and weather conditions

CenterLock® Energy Choice

  • .044" premium panel thickness (nominal)
  • Up to five times the impact resistance of traditional siding
  • CenterLock Energy Choice insulated siding features a contoured insulating foam underlayment that improves energy efficiency and helps to lower energy bills
  • Up to five times the impact resistance of conventional siding, standing up to damage from extreme weather and around-the-house accidents
  • 500% more breathable than other insulated siding systems, for a healthier home
  • Patented mid-panel lock design that pulls panels tight to the wall and provides enhanced panel rigidity
  • Reinforced nail hem withstands hurricane-force winds


Charter Oak®

  • .046" premium panel thickness (nominal)
  • Alside’s flagship siding product, combines authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom
  • Exclusive TriBeam® design gives Charter Oak superior strength
  • Charter Oak is up to five times more rigid than the competition
  • Charter Oak siding has been independently tested to withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds


  • .044" premium panel thickness (nominal)
  • Patented mid-panel lock design pulls panels tight to the wall and provides enhanced panel rigidity
  • Deep, realistic shadow lines and a beautiful low-gloss finish
  • In independent tests, CenterLock stayed locked in place in winds exceeding 150 MPH

Odyssey® Plus

  • Premium .044" panel thickness without the premium price (nominal)
  • Advanced lock design provides superior rigidity
  • Extra strong rolled over nail hem
  • Choose from up to 19 popular colors including six designer colors


  • .042" thickness (nominal)
  • Available in D4 clapboard and dutch lap, D5 clapboard and dutch lap, and triple 3" clapboard
  • Rolled top nail hem provides added rigidity
  • Natural cedar grain texture


  • .040" thickness (nominal)
  • Available in 4-1/2" clapboard and dutch lap profiles
  • An occasional rinse with a garden hose will keep Conquest's natural cedar grain texture and low-gloss finish beautiful year after year

Williamsport® Colonial Beaded

  • .044" premium panel thickness (nominal)
  • Gently rounded bead and a striking 3/4" projection provide historic elegance
  • Authentic 6-1/2" exposure
  • Subtle wood grain texture
  • Warm, low-gloss finish

Cypress Creek® Variegated Siding

  • .046" premium panel thickness for optimal durability (nominal)
  • Available in six multi-toned colors
  • Fully rolled over nailing hem for maximum wall attachment
  • Available in D4" clapboard, D5" clapboard, D5" dutch lap, and 7" board and batten


Board & Batten Vertical Siding

  • .050" premium vertical siding
  • Up to 20% thicker than other premium vinyl sidings
  • Finely milled cedar grain texture

Charter Oak® Soffit

  • Exclusive TriBeam® System provides unsurpassed panel rigidity and superior wind resistance
  • In independent tests, Charter Oak proved to be as much as five times more rigid than other competitive soffit panels
  • Charter Oak Soffit is so rigid that it can be used as vertical siding to emphasize accent areas
  • Aeration openings are hidden in the grooves to keep attics cool and dry while achieving a beautiful, finished appearance

SuperSpan™ Heavy Gauge Premium Vinyl Soffit

  • Up to 20% thicker than ordinary soffit
  • A strong Hurricane locking system keeps panels firmly in place in extreme weather conditions
  • Manufactured with an advanced "lancing" technique to create the aerated surface

Alliance™ T4 Premium Vinyl Soffit

  • Vented panels have an “outward weave” design for maximum visual appeal
  • Available in V-grove grain and smooth profiles
  • Traditional 4" exposure width